Best Laser Hair Removal at Home for 2021

For many men and women, removing their body hair is not only an aesthetic need, it is also a tool for strengthening their self-esteem and health.

Depilatory wax was the most popular method in the past, but both, cold and hot, are very painful. In addition, hot wax can cause burns and severe skin irritation. Disposable razors are a quick and practical solution, but razor blades eliminate hair superficially and can cause cuts.

Laser hair removal is a technological innovation capable of weakening follicles in the long term. It requires a multiple-session program that will give effective and safe results while reducing the levels of pain and discomfort.

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At the beginning, only authorized centers performed laser hair removal. Machinery was heavy and specialized requirements such as conductive gel and protective goggles were needed. With time, these devices have evolved and nowadays it is possible to perform this procedure from the comfort of the home and hassle-free.

Definitive guide to buying an IPL

There are many questions that can arise when thinking about purchasing a home laser epilator. To begin with, we must understand the differences among the techniques available in this field.

The laser is delivered by a device through a wavelength. The four most used methods are:

  • Alexandrite laser.
  • Diode laser.
  • Soprano.
  • Photoepilation.

Products designed for domestic use work with intense pulsed light (IPL). Those devices used by specialists work with a deep penetration wavelength.

Laser hair removal vs IPL

  • Laser hair removal has a fixed operating range between 700 and 800 mm. It focuses on a specific area. On the other hand, IPL has a variable wavelength between 550 and 950mm.
  • Laser hair removal is based on a beam of fast action unidirectional light, however more painful and even capable of generating first degree burns. Pulsed light is omnidirectional and diffused, requiring more sessions to achieve lasting results. However, it is safer and friendlier.
  • Laser treatments are expensive and must be performed by a specialist. IPL hair removal is accessible, simple and easy to use, perfect for anyone to perform the session problem free.

Types of IPL

Now that we understand the characteristics of each technique, it is important that we get to know the different models and functions in order to select the one that best suits our needs.

1.Portable and cheap: low power versions are small, lightweight and versatile. They can work small areas such as armpits and face. They are ideal for beauty maintenance, as a complement to more powerful equipment and to achieve a fast finish. In fact, this model is the best companion for your daily routine, becoming the solution to look good on a low budget.

2. Gun shaped laser epilators: They allow treating wider areas such as back and legs or the male chest, and its ergonomics guarantees an easy use. They are heavier than compact ones, however, they are easy to transport and can fit in any drawer or medium bag. There is a wide range of brands and technical specifications on the market.

3. Advanced: These laser epilators are the professional devices per excellence in the IPL world. With a base for the device to rest, they are the most powerful and are equipped with cells capable of detecting skin type. Some require an activating gel and some other models offer radiofrequency treatment options.

How to choose the best IPL?

It is the first question we all ask ourselves when making the decision to invest in our wellness. The answer is not simple because everyone has different realities and demands; therefore, all alternatives have particular benefits. Then, the perfect IPL will be the one that best suits our needs.

Men and women do not require different equipment. There is no noticeable difference and any device will work perfectly for both genders.

What is the answer? We recommend making a list of needs, comparing available offers and selecting one with the features and qualities that will satisfy most of your requirements.

Tips for a successful home hair removal

  • The beam of light will produce a sting or a slight burning sensation. Each one of us has different degree of sensitivity, so test until you find a level of intensity that is comfortable for you.
  • The laser epilator will gradually warm up. For this reason, it is advisable to start the process in the most sensitive areas such as the armpit or your private parts, and then work on more resilient areas like the legs.
  • Experts have found that the hair root will absorb more light when the skin is cold. Therefore, the body should be kept cool and the area to be treated should be cleaned.
  • Shave the hair for greater laser effectiveness on the follicle.
  • It is recommended to cover moles with white eye liner in order to protect them. Another precautionary measure is to lower the intensity around them.
  • The IPL can be applied to the face only with those epilators that are designed for this purpose. Study the characteristics of each device at length.
  • When performing your hair removal treatment at home, it is important to focus and ensure that the treatment is homogeneous.

Where to buy the domestic laser epilator?

When investing our money, it is essential to do it in reliable and solid platforms that will guarantee a safe and qualitative process. eBay and Amazon are the best options on the market. They offer prestigious brands such as Philips or Braun and also good deals on their products.Their trustworthy payment mechanisms and shipping will guarantee a purchase hassle-free. We also gain from knowing other buyer’s opinions and experiences in order to assess each device more effectively.With some dedication and a good laser epilator, getting the skin we want will be very simple.


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