Ultimate guide to buying a TV in 2023

Buy a TV could be a nightmare. Its represents an important investment and when we start looking for information we just get lost with the endless number of posts and reviews on the web about the new incorporation of the new technological innovations and the trendiest models.

Dealers usually try to makes us buy the most expensive design, justifying it with technical aspects. Truth is, sometimes is not that clear. Which really are the most important things to consider when we are going to buy a TV that stands out for its functionality. That’s why we create this perfect guide to choose the best TV in 2018, before you start feel overwhelmed,

How to choose the best TV? It's a question we all ask after compare prices and models. These are the fundamental topics you must analyze before making your shopping.

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Fun comes in big size

Size is one of the most important variables to consider when we want to choose the perfect TV for each occasion. We can find a wide range of sizes on the market ranging from 32 to 75 inches or bigger.

The size of the TV set should be adjusted to the space available for it. A big room with a 32’’ will not satisfactory. This space requires a much larger TV.

What is clear is that the larger the size the bigger the immersion. Which means a larger tv will allow us to better connect with the content. If you love entertainment and you enjoy your shows and movies, then a larger tv will allow you to fully experience with all your senses your favorite programs. Smaller TV’s can be used in smaller spaces where the characteristics of the screen do not make it the main place to watch TV.

The quality of the image

Many times the mistake is made of assuming that buying a state-of-the-art TV is a faithful guarantee of the quality of the image, and this is not the case.  The most important thing to know is that any TV, regardless of its specifications, must be properly calibrated to provide greater visual fidelity.

What does it means to be well calibrated? Calibration is the process that allows us to adjust and configure the basic TV parameters to have an optimal image. To make a good calibration you must consider this:

  • We can manipulate this basic elements to do the calibration: brightness, contrast and color range.
  • In remote control menu you can access and adjust them until you get the quality you want.
  • Black is the basis of a good calibration. TV’s that achieve an optimum level of black contrast are the ones with the best image quality.
  • The brightness of the space were the TV is located, its position, the angle of view where the TV is placed and the distance between the user and the screen are also features that determine the calibration setting.
  • Another faster and easier way to calibrate your device is to access the preset options. The most recommended are "Cinema", "Calibrated" or "Movie".

Tips for getting the best image quality

Image quality is also one of the reasons that most influence in users opinions when they rate their experience with a specific brand.

  • OLED TVs offer the best picture quality, as they do not require an external light source and are capable of reaching the pure black level in their calibration. These televisions are the most expensive on the market.
  • Color saturation is the second most important feature to calibrate your device. Make sure that the colors are faithful and close to reality.
  • LCD and LED TVs equipped with local dimming offering a better picture quality thanks to their system, which softens the residual light.
  • TVs equipped with backlit displays have more advantages in image quality by being more visible in front of direct light sources.
  • There are matte and glossy screens. The matt screens are ideal for reducing reflections in a very bright space. While the bright screens retain the black color fidelity in contrast.
  • The awful soap opera effect happens when you're watching your show with more frames per second than usual. This phenomenon is linked to calibration. Set your TV correctly and you will solve this problem.

The world of technical specifications

The market moves using technical specifications as a tool to draw attention to expectations that are often not met. Let's look at the elements you need to pay attention to point by point:

TV Technology

TVs can be plasma, LCD and LED. The difference between these technologies sets in how the screen illuminate. Plasma TVs use noble gas cells, and they're a thing of the past. LED LCDs are liquid crystal displays. This technology is currently the world market leader.

Screen Resolutions

The resolution is related to the number of pixels or colored squares the device can emit. The moreframes, the higher the resolution and the better the image quality. The resolution in televisions has evolved from HD 1.280x720, Full HD 1.920x1.080p, to UltraHD or 4K 3.840x2.0160.

So far it seems that everything was very simple and the logic would tell us that the HDR or 4k guarantees us the best image quality, but actually it doesn't work that way. To be able to enjoy this content with the proper resolution, programs must have these characteristics from the beginning of their broadcast. You can have a 4K TV, but if the programming doesn't have that resolution, otherwise you won't be able to enjoy this quality.

It is important to keep in mind that the programs and movies available in HDR and 4k are very rare. Some platforms sales them, but they are a minority compared to HD quality, which is the most popular resolution that guarantees optimal image quality. On the other hand, 3D technology, which became so famous for a long time, has been forgotten. New generation TVs no longer have it because they doesn’t have much compatibility with the most commercial programming on the market.

HDMI Connections

Over time, connectivity has become standardized to embrace all inputs in a single format: HDMI. The devices are now compatible with this connection and you just need to make sure your TV has enough inputs to connect with anything you need. Remember these tips: all HDMI connections are the same and compatible with new technologies.

Smart TV

The smart TV or Smart TV gives you the option to surf the Internet and use your TV as a computer. There are Apps specifically designed to be incorporated into the TV.

A lot of new generation TVs can easily become in a Smart TV connecting it to a cheap HDMI box.  But before you do that, you should ask yourself if you really need these benefits and the uses you will make of them.  Surely you'll buy a TV that already has several apps on it and you may not even have noticed.

The remote control

The remote control is one of the most important devices that allows you enjoy better your TV. Thanks to it you can control directly each item and define all the essential adjustments to achieve a unique experience. That’s why it’s important to read and consult the manual of the remote control unit to have a better experience of it.

Seasonal models

Many times we worry about acquiring the fashion model TVs, trusting that this will guarantee us access to higher quality devices. It is true that technology is increasing very quick on this times, but not to the point of offering radical changes every month. There is not much difference between 2017 and 2018 TV’s.  Wait for the analyses and comparisons of the new models to make a wise decision adjusted to your needs.

Where to buy the ideal TV?

The better way to buy it is checking on line in the most solid and reliable online platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. Here you will find the most prestigious brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung, and you can access a wide range of prices. In their Outlet you will find the ideal TV set. In physical stores such as Currys, Argos or John Lewis you will also find several models at quite economic prices, depending on the season.

One of the most important reasons for using these platforms is that they allow you to compare users opinions about the quality of products. They give you pros and cons about the greatest security, avoiding inconveniences and dissatisfaction. Remember that the best deals and the best alternatives available at the end of each season.


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