Best Spy Cameras for 2022

Spy cameras are not just for special investigation agents. They are devices that can also be used by ordinary people who want to increase the security of their home, office, company or capture the spontaneity of an important moment. In addition, they are easy to use and do not require advanced knowledge.

For example, you ever have wondered if the babysitter is giving the proper attention to the baby, or if you are worried about the robbery of your house or office, the use of a spy camera will help you to know what's really happening without others noticing that they're being watched. Most of them includes motion detection applications that notify you as soon as the activity occurs.

Here's a definitive shopping guide to help you choose the best device to monitor your residence, office or business.

View Details 1 Indoor Mini Spy Camera Wireless Wifi IP Home Security Cam HD 1080P Video DVR • 9.99£

1 Indoor Mini Spy Camera Wireless Wifi Ip Home Security Cam Hd 1080p Video Dvr

View Details 1080P Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera HD Micro Home Security Cam Night Vision UK • 10.89£

1080p Mini Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Hd Micro Home Security Cam Night Vision Uk


View Details HD 1080P Mini Hidden Spy Camera HD Micro Home Security Night Vision Motion Cam • 13.79£

Hd 1080p Mini Hidden Spy Camera Hd Micro Home Security Night Vision Motion Cam


View Details Mini Spy Ball Pen Hidden Camera Full HD 1080P Video Voice Cam DVR Recorder UK • 17.99£

Mini Spy Ball Pen Hidden Camera Full Hd 1080p Video Voice Cam Dvr Recorder Uk


View Details 1080P Mini Hidden Spy Camera HD Micro Home Security Cam Night Vision UK • 10.25£

1080p Mini Hidden Spy Camera Hd Micro Home Security Cam Night Vision Uk


View Details 1080P HD Wireless WiFi Indoor MINI Spy IP Camera CCTV Smart Home Security Cam UK • 14.99£

1080p Hd Wireless Wifi Indoor Mini Spy Ip Camera Cctv Smart Home Security Cam Uk


View Details Mini Wireless WIFI Spy Camera Hidden DIY Screw Pinhole HD Nanny Video Cam • 26.99£

Mini Wireless Wifi Spy Camera Hidden Diy Screw Pinhole Hd Nanny Video Cam


View Details 1080P IR Wireless WiFi CCTV Indoor Small MINI IP Camera Spy CAM Home Security UK • 14.49£

1080p Ir Wireless Wifi Cctv Indoor Small Mini Ip Camera Spy Cam Home Security Uk


View Details 1080P Wireless WiFi CCTV Indoor/Outdoor HD MINI Spy IP Camera Home Security UK • 13.49£

1080p Wireless Wifi Cctv Indoor/outdoor Hd Mini Spy Ip Camera Home Security Uk


Which is the best spy camera today?

Spy or hidden cameras are used especially in video recording, but also to take photographs while the user remains incognito. They are usually small and very easy to hide, but why buy a spy camera for? and which is the best one today?

There are many reasons to buy this type of device, especially if you have constant concerns about the safety of your home or if a co-worker is showing suspicious attitudes, for example. They can be used to prove facts that no one else would otherwise believe, or simply capture a special occasion without anyone noticing that you're recording.

What brands to buy?

At the moment you will find in the online market infinity of brands. Among the most important are Conbrov, TitaThink, Tekmagig and Phylink Solutions LLC, which offer various models and designs ranging from chargers to water bottles and light bulbs.

Now, the question is how to choose the right one. The model depends on where it will be installed and the use it will have, that’s why there are several types. The users will decide which one choose according to their needs.

Cameras for surveillance or spying

There are camouflaged devices that can be inside a toy, inside wall clocks or picture frames to record all movements at home. In these cases, these are cameras that must be hidden mainly in a static place, and more than spying, they are used for surveillance.

On the other hand, you will find different alternatives, such as USB chargers with integrated mini cameras, although these cameras are so small that they can be inserted even inside a shirt button.

Also you can find cameras in the form of sunglasses, USB memory and mobile phones that can be used for undercover work. The truth is that they all have one thing in common that makes them popular: they cost very little and can be installed anywhere.

Where to buy a spy camera?

Ok then, if the question is where to buy the camera you need, in online stores like Amazon or eBay you can find a big assorted kind of brands, with different prices and attractive offers. We recommend  carefully review the offered options. Read the product description and the opinions of other costumers and visit specialized pages to find out which spy camera best suits your needs.

Features to consider to buy a spy camera

The operation of a spy camera is almost the same of a real video camera. It has a series of components that allow images to be captured and recorded in a file that are integrated in a very small space. In this sense, before buying a microcamera it is advisable to consider some characteristics of these devices:

  • Resolution: A spy camera has a sensor that can support higher or lower video resolutions. The newer ones can also record in Full HD (1920×1080 pixels), while the less capable can record images with less precision (640x480 pixels). Obviously, the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the video.
  • Motion Detector: Cameras with motion detectors start recording when they receive activity in the spaces, this feature allows the device to save more battery and storage space in memory. Although they are usually more expensive, it is worthwhile to increase the budget allocated for their purchase, since in the long term it will become an important saving.
  • Night recording: Some devices have the ability to activate the night recording mode, using infrared LEDs, to capture images even in the dark. In case the aim is use it anywhere and have 24-hour surveillance, this is an important aspect, but if it will be used in illuminated places, infrared is not necessary.
  • WiFi: In many cases, the minicamera must be managed remotely. Some have a wireless module with standard WiFi protocol to be managed also from a smartphone or from remote devices. It is advisable to always check the WiFi range, which should be 10 meters or more. There are also models that can be managed online.
  • Power-on mode: A video recorder should be started as easily as possible. Some cameras just need to simply press the button to activates the recording mode. But it is not always possible to play with a device of this type in public, so some, especially static, activate or stop the recording if they record or not movement.
  • Battery: The mini static models can be connected to power supplies, however to be able to move them there must be a battery. Very important aspect, since the recording time will depend on this component, it is recommended that you have at least one recording capacity for one hour.

On the other hand, there are models with rechargeable batteries of long duration and others quite versatile that use both modalities. Rechargeable batteries are mostly high performance and durability, as they are made of lithium ions.

If the goal is to get the irrefutable proof to confirm your suspicions or simply want to immortalize a moment without attracting attention, you have to be able to determine which camera to use in each circumstance depending on the specific needs of the situation.


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