The Best Portable Chargers of 2023

Since the beginning of the commercialization of portable batteries, they had a very good worldwide acceptance thanks to how comfortable and practical they are. These two reasons made them an indispensable accessory for any smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad user who needs to charge their device without any kind of plug anywhere.

After the sale of portable batteries has been increasing, it’s possible to find them in any store such as Amazon or eBay, which aren’t necessarily dedicated exclusively to computers or mobile accessories. Many times it’s not well known what topics should be considered to get this type of products without have some regret after. The ideal thing to don’t make a mistake is know well the essentials of the different portable batteries, to know how to choose the best one.

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Tips for buying a portable battery

When your phone runs out of battery and there's a need to recharge it but you don't have a plug nearby, the perfect solution is a portable battery. This is an accessory that can be used anytime, anywhere. In fact, there are some models that allow you to charge several devices at once.

All mobile devices have different power demands, depending on the screen size, software version, amount of applications, processor speed and RAM memory. All this makes its consumption higher or lower. Depending on the devices, there are different portable batteries to choose from. Below is a series of tips to buy the most suitable without inconvenience.

The type of mobile

This is a feature that you must keep in mind before buy a portable battery. The larger and sophisticated the mobile device, the higher the required amperage. If you choose the wrong amperage you may have inconveniences such as ending up with an insufficient charge that does not allow the equipment to function optimally.

It’s necessary to choose a battery with adequate amperage and load capacity. In the market you can find from those that serve for a single charge in any smartphone, to those that allow several charges or connect more than one device at a time.

Size and capacity are important

Although portable batteries of different sizes are available in stores where such accessories are available, it’s important to evaluate the capacity they offer, as buy a huge portable battery of 10,000 mAh or more is often not necessary and usually causes a problem of space and charging time.

There are simple batteries with a discreet cylinder-shaped design, with very good capacity and a reasonable size. Some have additional features that are quite practical, such as a Romoss battery, which weighs less than 100 grams and is easy to carry. When talking about a smartphone, the battery must have a capacity of 2,000 mAh, unlike a tablet that with a battery of 10,000 mAh is enough. The ideal is to review the specifications of each device and know exactly the capacity of the internal batteries.

The type of charge

Most of the latest generation mobiles are fast charging. That's why to choose a portable battery, you need to consider that are different technologies for this type of equipment. This feature should not be forgotten, it needs to be compatible with the device or you will waste a lot of time on each charge.

Quantity and types of outputs

Some portable batteries offer multiple ports that makes easy to charge different mobile devices at the same time. This avoids establishing shifts for each and supplying the necessary power to each device.

But it's not just the amount but the type of output that needs to be considered. Typically, an external battery has one or more USB ports, to which is each device's wire connected, unlike those that have their own wire that can't be replaced.

It is important that the external battery wire is the right one for the device being charged. It's better to choose models with USB outputs, such as Su Aoki batteries.

Where to buy the best external batteries

The best batteries for Iphone, Samsung, tablet or Ipad are available in distributors such as Amazon and eBay. Here you will find the best offers of well know brands, adapted to the needs of use and according to the features of each mobile device.

Amazon offers a great variety of external batteries very cheap and with good performing. It's suitable to take a look at their large selection of models from brands such as Aukey, Xiaomi, Power Mi or Tonbux, essential for most geeks.

The eBay online store also has some pretty eye-catching offers, where price is usually linked to battery capacity, plus other factors such as brand, size or construction material.

The great advantages of external batteries

You may always want to have mobile devices but often this is not possible due to the life of the internal batteries they are equipped with, so external batteries represent a great solution. These are the reasons why everyone who has a mobile device should have an external battery:

  • Portable, allowing it to be transported anywhere.
  • Easy to use, so there is no need for prior preparation for proper use.
  • Practical, since it is always possible to be connected from any mobile device in the different social networks without the fear of destroying the battery.
  • Reduced size, which allows them to be transported without needing a lot of space.
  • Very versatile because several devices can be charged at the same time thanks to the fact that many have several ports.
  • They are a cheap option and a solution to the problem of autonomy as it can be used in those times when there is no plug available for many hours even days.