Guide to buy the Best Hair Straightening Brush for 2021

Hair is one of the bodyparts most appreciated by women and by some men. That is why it is increasingly common for stylists to recommend products and tools for hair care. For beauty experts, there is nothing more magnificent and seductive than healthy hair, regardless of length, tone, cut or style.

Hair is a reflection of the personality of every individual. If what you are looking for is to flaunt this attribute in the best way possible, but without having to go regularly to a beauty salon, you should look for the ideal tools and products that will help you maintain a good appearance.

One of the most sophisticated and versatile trends of all time is to wear your hair straight, as it brings a touch of elegance and simplicity. Straight hair also gives a person a very distinguished appearance, that’s why it is ideal for office work. It is also very easy to manage, which is very practical for women who have a fast pace of life.

If you wish to wear this stylish straight hair with a finish as good as a professional’s, you must start by purchasing the necessary hair tools, starting with the brush.

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Types of hair straightening brushes

There are many types of combs and brushes designed to give your hair body and texture. The function of a brush must be to shape, untangle, and hence the importance of choosing the most appropriate brush to achieve the desired results.

In the case of those who opt for straight hair, the brush becomes the perfect ally and will be essential to achieve such goal, with no harm to the hair, and while doing it as quick as possible.

Manual brushes

Initially, hair straightening brushes were manual and required the help of a quality hair iron at a suitable temperature in order to achieve the expected result.

These worked as some sort of clamp that tightened every strand of hair between two lines of natural bristles, so as to stretch the hair while pulling the hair iron or the hot tongs through the hair.

Electric brushes

The cosmetics industry has also evolved along with new technologies and nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of this type of brushes on the market. Electric brushes not only significantly reduce the time and effort put to achieve smooth hair, but also manages to provide shine thanks to the release of protons that hydrate the hair.

What sets this brush apart from the manual is that this one has the capacity to discharge a certain degree of heat directly on the hair, which allows modelling each hair. Within the wide range of electric brushes, there are many different types; their price varies according to their technology.

Some of the most common hair straightening brushes are:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic brushes are ideal for very fine and curly hair, as this material helps retain hydration and seal the natural oils of each strand, repelling moisture this way.
  • Ionic: The technology of ions interacts with the cellular particles of each hair in order to maintain the straightening for a longer period of time, making the hair more docile and bright instantly, as it isolates the static electricity [A2] causing undesired frizziness.
  • Cylindrical: The shape of this brush helps with the distribution of heat in a proportional manner. In addition to straightening, this type of tool helps you control and shape the hair, achieving results such as smooth waves.
  • Flat: They are the ideal type of brush for manes with bountiful hair since they discharge heat in a broad way and in one direction only, giving shape to the thickest strands of hair.
  • Brushing Set: If you cannot decide on one or if you are a professional stylist, this brushing set is perfect for you. They include a base that discharges heat to several interchangeable heads, all of which are different in shape: the traditional flat brush, straight or cylindrical, all in one.

How to choose the hair straightening brush that suits you best?

Knowing how to come about choosing the ideal brush to straighten your hair is not an easy task, as thousands of options are put on the market daily.

The first thing you should consider when buying a brush is your type of hair, since each of these brushes have been designed to fulfil specific functions. First, establish if your hair is curly, very curly, wavy or chemically treated. Once this is clear, set a budget for the brush. The good news is that you can find products that offer a very good finish and at the same time, are very economical. There are also outlet sales or out of season sales, where you can also find a wide variety of offers.

The other point that you should take into account is the temperature that each one of these brushes can reach, so as not to subject your hair to a very aggressive form of heat, which could end up being damaged by it. The highest temperature is not always the best and it will once again depend on the type of hair you have. Temperatures usually range between 100ºC and 450ºC. Some brushes come equipped with a thermostat that adapts automatically. Also very popular are those brushes that have an instant heating system, which saves a lot of time and makes them very useful at any time.

If you tend to take your brush everywhere with you, you are advised to purchase a portable and rechargeable one. These brushes work like a mobile phone, since you can recharge them overnight and take them everywhere without having to use electrical power.

It is important to be aware of professional opinions as well, in case you have doubts about which brush is the best for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair straightening brushes

Among the advantages of using electric brushes is obviously the professional finish one gets in a very short time. Another one is its simple use, whether you use it at home or as a professional.  Furthermore, the existing variety on the market, which allows you to choose among the best price options, brands and functions for your hair, is another advantage. These hair tools have also a long life span, so its resilience is another aspect in its favour.

On the other hand, among the disadvantages of a hair straightening brush stands out the fact that they cannot be used on wet hair. Therefore, it requires a hair dryer or waiting for hair to dry naturally. Some brushes only support one type of electrical voltage, so if you buy a brush that uses 110V electricity, you will not be able to use it in places where electricity is 220V.

Where can you buy a hair straightening brush?

A definitive guide to purchase a hair straightening brush will never be whole without having some clue as to where you can get quality and cheap brushes. Online stores usually offer a wide range of options and generally, they present very good offers that are worthwhile benefiting from.

Ebay and Amazon are the most popular choices when buying among thousands of models of brushes to straighten your hair, as they also have a large variety of accessories that can help you complement the brush functions.

Stores specialized in hair care products are also the perfect place to ask for advice and buy what really suits your needs. Do not forget to ask beauty professionals or even your most trusted stylist for any tips when purchasing the best brush to straighten your hair.