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  • Protar motorcycle model kits buying guide

    The Protar brand was created in 1965 by the Milanese Modelli company, and had the honor of being the first to produce motorcycle models in 1:9 scale. Many of their early models are still treasured today, not only by collectors but also by restorers who use them as a reference for their projects.

    The company produced kits for various types of motorcycles, from iconic brands such as Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Bimota to lesser known makes like Mondial and Bultaco. The most famous Protar series is undoubtedly the Moto Guzzi V8, followed by the BMW R90S and Ducati 900SS.

    Protar is an Italian company that makes model kits. They started out with a nitro/gas powered radio controlled model airplane kit in 1976. A few years later they began producing plastic model kits of classic motorcycles. The Protar company went out of business in the late 80s. Protar kits are now owned by Revell. Protar made four motorcycle models: the Moto Guzzi V8, the BMW R75/5, a Ducati 750 and a Honda CR750 replica. The Protar Moto Guzzi V8 is the only 1:4 scale motorcycle kit ever produced and even today it has no equal for detail or size. The other three bikes are smaller and are comparable to Tamiya’s 1:6 scale kits.

    Unique features of the Protar models include many very fine parts with beautiful surface detail. The Protar models include many parts in metal and photo etched brass - these are used to make bolts, nuts, screws, brake discs and other details that would not be possible to mold in clear plastic. In addition all four bike models have wire tires with very fine tread - this was a unique feature in 1980 when the kits were first made. All four bikes also have finely detailed engines, frames and suspension components - there is nothing.

    Protar motorcycle model kits are considered among the best on the market and are produced with strict standards. They are made from metal and plastic and have an average of around 120 pieces.

    With unparalleled attention to detail, Protar motorcycle model kits are a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast or model kit collector. Protar offers many high-quality model kits including Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Harley Davidson.

    For a short period Protar created some high quality motorcycle model kits, which were labelled 'Protar Italeri'. These models had more detail than any other kits of the same era. Their 1/9 scale model of the Moto Guzzi V8 is highly sought after.

    Their model kits are no longer produced, but they can still be found on the secondhand market

    Protar motorcycles were made in 1/9 scale and featured good quality plastic parts, detailed engines and accurate paint schemes. However, Heller bought the Protar name and tooling, and eventually released other Protar motorcycle kits under the Heller banner. These were still 1/8th scale, but instead of having a metal frame they were made of just plastic. They included Honda fours like the CB750F2 Supersport and RC30.

    • Scale
    • 1:9105
    • Not specified34
    • 1:2425
    • 1:128
    • 1:161
    • 1:201
    • 1:81
    • 1:901
    • Type
    • Not specified79
    • Motorcycle45
    • Model Kit19
    • Car10
    • Car Kit4
    • Truck3
    • Sport Car3
    • Material
    • Not specified127
    • Plastic36
    • Metal20
    • Resin7
    • Paper5
    • Vinyl3
    • Country/Region of Manufacture
    • Not specified101
    • United Kingdom45
    • Italy28
    • Germany1
    • Unknown1
    • Age Level
    • Not specified122
    • 17 Years & Up46
    • 12-16 Years7
    • 5-7 Years1
    • 8-11 Years1
    • Theme
    • Not specified130
    • Transportation43
    • Sport3
    • Year Manufactured
    • Not specified136
    • 20003
    • 19673
    • 20013
    • 19603
    • 19993
    • 19803
    • 19883
    • 19902
    • 19942
    • 19952
    • 19841
    • 19971
    • 19921
    • 19911
    • 19851
    • 19641
    • 19831
    • 19821
    • 19701
    • 19581
    • 19381
    • 19321
    • 19481
    • Subject
    • Not specified94
    • Suzuki6
    • Triumph1
    • Brand
    • Protar124
    • Not specified46
    • Italeri4
    • MFH1
    • Pocher1