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What is the Pentagon Shower?

A pentagonal enclosure is similar to a rectangle in that it still has two side walls and two end walls, but it has one more wall that's positioned in the middle of the other four walls. It also has five equally-sized, water-tight compartments for you to stand in instead of four. And these spaces can have their own unique purposes. You can have a hand-held sprayer on one side and an overhead showerhead on another side. Or you could have one compartment with one fixture and four compartments with no fixtures at all—which would make it perfectly suited as a steam shower.

Everyone wants to make sure they get the right Pentagon Shower Enclosure. It's a big investment that lasts a lifetime, and it's important to do your homework before you buy. The first step is knowing what you want and what your options are.

Do I want a frameless or framed enclosure?

A Frameless Enclosure leaves the shower area open, making for an airy space with a modern feel. Framed Enclosures have a solid frame around the shower area, giving it more of an industrial look.

Pentagon shower enclosures are one of the most popular shapes for shower doors. This shape is very striking and can be made to look like a work of art. The basic idea behind a Pentagon Shower enclosure is that it is basically a rectangle with another rectangle attached to form what looks like a star. They will have five sides, or six sides if you include the bottom.

With all the different types of enclosures out there, it can be hard to determine which is best for you. There are many things to consider from budget and style to function. Here are some of the top considerations when looking for the right enclosure:

Pentagon shower enclosures are one of the most popular shapes of shower stalls among home owners. They have various reasons for choosing this type of shower, but the most common reason is usually cost. Pentagon enclosures are more affordable than other shapes of shower stall, such as circular or free-standing showers.

The shape of the pentagon enclosure is what gives it its affordability. The circular and free-standing types of shower stalls have curved walls which give them their distinct shape. Since pentagon enclosures do not need to be fitted with curved walls, they can be built with straight walls and therefore, are much less expensive to produce and buy.

In addition to being less expensive than other shapes of shower stalls, the pentagon shape is also relatively easy to clean. This is because there are no corners where water can pool and stain or mold can grow. The pentagon shape allows for a large amount of space for people to move around in and to store items in. This makes it a great choice for those with small bathrooms that need extra storage space as well as parents who wish to have a place set aside where they can change their children's diapers out of sight from other house guests.

The Benefits of a Pentagon Shower Enclosure

There are numerous advantages to having this particular type of shower. It's big enough that three people would be able to fit comfortably at once, which makes it ideal for use by multiple people at once (such as when two parents take turns giving their kids a bath).

  • Shape
  • Not specified23
  • Polygon4
  • Square2
  • Opening Mechanism
  • Pivot14
  • Hinged9
  • Not specified7
  • Walk-In4
  • Sliding2
  • Fixed1
  • Colour
  • White19
  • Clear18
  • Not specified8
  • Silver4
  • Black1
  • Yellow1
  • Frame Type
  • Frameless13
  • Framed8
  • Semi-Frameless6
  • Not specified6
  • Set Includes
  • Shower Door13
  • Not specified13
  • Shower Tray5
  • Material
  • Glass25
  • Stainless Steel14
  • Aluminium12
  • Metal4
  • Brass2
  • Not specified2
  • Features
  • Tempered Glass22
  • Quick Cleaning7
  • Not specified7
  • Brand
  • Elegant12
  • Not specified7
  • Durovin Bathrooms6
  • Coram1
  • Matki1
  • MIRA1
  • Roman, Inc.1
  • Style
  • Modern17
  • Not specified8
  • Contemporary4
  • Frame Finish
  • Polished17
  • Not specified10
  • Matt2
  • Frame Material
  • Aluminium11
  • Not specified11
  • Metal7
  • Installation
  • Corner14
  • Not specified14
  • Single Wall1
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Not specified23
  • Lifetime4
  • 3 Years2
  • Country/Region of Manufacture
  • Not specified26
  • Unknown2
  • United Kingdom1
  • Type
  • Shower Enclosure25
  • Not specified4
  • Suitable For
  • Shower20
  • Not specified9
  • Room
  • Bathroom28
  • Not specified1
  • Glass Style
  • Clear18
  • Not specified11
  • Door Included
  • Not specified15
  • Yes14
  • Labels & Certifications
  • Not specified17
  • CE Certified12
  • Assembly Required
  • Not specified19
  • Yes10
  • Handle Type
  • Not specified26
  • Lever1