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Num Kent Area Enamel Badge

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  • This vintage num badges is an older num badges from the National Union of Mineworkers the Notts Area. This collectable badge consists of an oval blue enamelled tin miner shape with the text num (National Union of Mineworkers) on three lines around it. The back has a tiny plain pin and catch with the words printed in white "Breakdown Services Nottinghamshire NUM"

    This badge is an original vintage trade union badge for the Nottinghamshire Area Num. It features a white background and red letters. The text reads Notts Area Num, and has a miners hat in the top left hand corner. The badge is made from metal (possibly aluminium).

    If you live in the Nottingham area and have an interest in NUM Trade Unionism, this is the perfect gift , a vintage num badges from Notts

    Num Badges are devotional badges worn by trade union members in the UK and Ireland. Num Badges were produced for each trade union and had a distinctive shape or symbol. By wearing their badge, miners were able to identify themselves to others involved in the same occupation but from a different mining community. When the major mining communities were merged in 1935, the badges carried over colour schemes so that they could still be recognised. Take a look at this selection of Num Badges.

    Num badges probably originally came from the NUM in the Notts area, which is not far from where I live. Num was a mining firm that appears to have existed between 1849 and 1912. This badge was clearly issued later than this since it has the word “Nottshre” rather than just Notts as part of its title. The badge indicates it was issued in 1955 to a man named “R Phillips”.

    Traditional design badges, commemorative and gift badges made from original patterns. Vintage national union num badges and older num badges are our speciality.

    Four vintage NUM badges, re-strung and in perfect condition. Each badge is for a different area. Also included are two older NUM badges that were created for the Nottinghamshire Area of NUM.

    National Union of Miners badge - Notts district NUM. This blue enameled tin backed badge is centered with an eight pointed star containing the red sunburst surrounded by the words "NUM" and "Notts Area". The reverse is marked "T.C. & Company Ltd B'Ham" and has a ring to allow it to be worn on a tie or chain. Other similar badges exist with "Notts Area" replaced with-"Kent Colliery Area", and "Andover Area", though these are slightly smaller, lighter in weight and not as well made.

    I am offering a vintage NUM badge, which belonged to my late husband, who was a NUM member at various collieries in the Nottinghamshire area. The badge is in good antique condition, no damage or repair and ready to clip on to your jacket via an original pin/backing.

    Num Badges are collectable but values are low.

    Before badges were replaced by lanyards in the 1980s, union branch members would get their own personalised badges to wear with pride as a sign of their membership. Made of a hard enamel surface on steel, these time-honoured badges have endured and now strike a chord with collectors who appreciate their nostalgic appeal and unique craftsmanship.

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